The 7 Secrets of Highly Effective Vloggers

People start vlogging — video bloging — for a variety of reasons.

Some people want to express an opinion about an issue they care about; others hope to make money as a YouTube partner; others simply want to use video to more deeply engage their social media or web audiences.

Whatever your motivation is for vlogging, here are a few simple, proven tips to help you vlog more effectively.

We call these: The Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Vloggers.Read More

Video Best Practices: Editing to Hold Attention

Every video competes for the same finite resource: Audience attention.

So what are video best practices for editing to hold audience attention?

Here are a few tried and true best practices — to help guide your approach as you edit videos.Read More

Video Best Practices: Writing for Informational Video

Writing for short news and informational video is an art form — and it’s not easy.

Here are some video best practices to help ‘sweeten’ your voiceover scripts and storyboards.

Read More

Why Leading Online Publishers Are Investing In Video

Question: If you wanted to reach an online audience, would you ignore half of its online behavior?

That would be ludicrous.

Now consider this: Today, watching online video accounts for more than one third of audience time; by 2017, that number is expected to double!

The play button is arguably the most compelling content on the web. Consider that last year:

  • The amount of B2C video content from people and brands in Facebook’s news feeds increased by 3.6x.
  • The use of video for B2B marketing grew from 8% of marketers in 2013 to 58% last year – more than 7x YTY growth.

Want to bet against that trend?

Savvy online publishers understand these statistics — and see the trend — and that’s precisely why they are investing in video.Read More

Video SEO Best Practices

Video significantly boosts the SEO (search engine optimization) value of web pages.

Everyone knows Google is the dominant player in web search.  But how does Google rank search results?

Google says it places an emphasis on “content that engages, educates and incentivizes users to stay on a company’s website.”

Meaning: Engaging content boosts SEO; keyword-stuffing your web pages doesn’t work.  Websites that hold audience attention — websites that audiences find valuable — index better in Google search results.

What type of content is #1 for audience engagement?  Video!  Consider:

  • Video is over 50x more likely to get organic Google page one rank than text
  • 62% of Google Universal Search results contain video
  • Video search results are clicked 41% more than text search results

So what are some Video SEO best practices?  Read More

Video Best Practices for Creating Thumbnails

video thumbnails best practices

Thumbnails are critically important to driving viewership of your video.

Think of your thumbnail like a book cover… or album cover… or advertisement for people to watch your video.

Just like a book, people will judge your video by its “cover.”  So it’s important to spend some time making sure you have the best possible thumbnail for your video to gain and hold attention.Read More

The Rise of Video

The Rise of Video is impossible to deny.

The US audience for digital video — that is, video consumed on any digital device —will pass 200 million people in 2015, making up not quite two-thirds of the entire population, according to a new eMarketer report.

More than half of those viewers will access video using a smartphone or tablet.


More video is being produced each day than at any time in world history.

How much video are people and publishers producing?Read More

The Rise of Mobile

Doubt that the “Rise of Mobile” is upon us?

There’s a reason you can’t spell “mobile” without “mob” — because billions of people, all over the world, have gone mobile in the last two decades.

Take a look at how mobile phone use has grown — all over the world — in the last two decades.

Globally, in 2015, over 4 billion people own a mobile phone.  For context, 3.5 billion own a toothbrush.



So if you don’t think the mobile age is here… brush up.Read More

How to Invest in Video Without the Sticker Shock

Wochit CEO, Dror Ginzberg explains why now is the time to invest in video in a special guest article for Adotas.

invest in video

So… Why does it make sense to invest in video NOW?

Read More

Why Video Creation Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

As a videomaker, it’s commonly assumed that video creation with a high production value means spending more money.

But what if I told you that you could cut the expense of video creation significantly — that you could spend a fraction of your budget while providing enormous value to your marketing campaign, customers, or end goal?

Thanks to the constant evolution of technology and a grown-up consumer market, the future is here, and it’s full of relevant, effective, and affordable options for creating video. Read the full article here.

video creation
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