Wochit Frame, White-label Video Editor.

Give customers the power
to create and share videos right on your platform.

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Grow your business by helping your customers grow theirs

For your business

  • Increase retention by keeping them from going elsewhere for video

  • Launch on your platform as your own in a few easy steps with secure, plug-and-play integration

  • Captivate your customers (and theirs) with the power to create

For their business

  • Intuitive interface and features for creators of all skill levels

  • Gorgeous templates for every kind of business need with professional videos every time

  • Up to 80% of leads come from video, making it an essential lead generator and revenue driver for any business

Three easy steps to get started:

1. Set your company’s style

Easily tweak the video editor’s look, feel, and features to work seamlessly with your brand and platform.

2. Select video templates

Choose the best designer-made video templates for your customers and their use cases.

3. Go live

Why wait? Start your free trial without a credit card and make hundreds of short videos for free.

Video creation pays for itself

+ 10 %

Revenue increase

Watch revenue take a leap.

+ 1.25 %

Customer retention

Keep users happy and engaged.


Active users

Double your customer base and reach.

*Results from $500m enterprise client, improvement year over year

Designer-made video templates make editing fast and easy

Across different platforms:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising
  • And more

For different purposes:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Promotions, upsell, cross sell
  • Brand and product marketing
  • And more

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