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About Us

Wochit’s wide array of video creation solutions empowers everyone, from novices to experts, in any industry and for every use case, to create unique, high-impact videos at scale and with unprecedented speed. Used by hundreds of media companies and brands, Wochit’s holistic array of solutions combine deep knowledge of digital video production and audience insights with innovative interfaces, enabling the quick creation of unique, high-impact videos.

Wochit’s cloud-based video creation solutions, augmented with an unparalleled library of over 200 million commercial and editorial rights-cleared images and videos from the top professional and social sources,  serve every use case, that anyone with any degree of experience may meet. Wochit allows you to create videos that attract and engage audiences across every platform, from social media profiles to syndicated digital channels and more.

Our Team

  • Dror Ginzberg
    Dror Ginzberg

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Ran Yakir
    Ran Yakir


  • Daphna Tsachor
    Daphna Tsachor

    VP, Product & CSM

  • Joachim Schmaltz
    Joachim Schmaltz

    SVP Strategic Business Development

  • Ronen Perez
    Ronen Perez

    VP, R&D

  • Jay Chicoy
    Jay Chicoy

    SVP, Sales, Americas

  • Eyal Raz
    Eyal Raz

    VP, Finance

  • Garrett Goodman
    Garrett Goodman

    Senior Vice President, Sales, International

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