You’ll love using Wochit.
And Not Just Because You Need It.

We built the first Predictive Video Creation platform to serve the needs of every video creator and team, and to bring you all you need to create your own high impact videos.

  • Intuitive

    Our platform serves ideas, content and solutions to streamline your creation process.

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  • Predictive

    Knowing what you need at every stage of every video.

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  • Inspiring

    Hundreds of ready-made videos and storyboards mean you’re never short of content.

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About Us

Video is fast becoming the prime communication tool for brands and publishers who’s audiences simply prefer to engage with video. By 2020, 82% of all web traffic will be video with views growing 100% every year. 87% of online marketers rely on video to more effectively deliver their message enjoying unprecedented ROI with 64% of customers more likely to buy after watching a video. For publishers, video has become a most lucrative channel account for 35% of ad spend.

Wochit is powering this online video revolution with deep domain expertise and powerful technology. Finally, quality and scalable video creation is accessible with the time, team and budget it previously took to create a blog post.

At our core is Wochit’s Predictive Video Creation™ platform, developed to pre-empt and serve the needs of every video creator and team, bringing all they need to create high impact videos. Wochit is a holistic platform with a super intuitive approach for any storyteller with any level of video creation experience or skill to produce and share their stories across all social and digital platforms.

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Our Team

  • Dror Ginzberg
    Dror Ginzberg

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Ran Yakir
    Ran Yakir


  • Daphna Tsachor
    Daphna Tsachor

    VP, Product & CSM

  • Joachim Schmaltz
    Joachim Schmaltz

    SVP Strategic Business Development

  • Ronen Perez
    Ronen Perez

    VP, R&D

  • Jay Chicoy
    Jay Chicoy

    SVP, Sales, Americas

  • Eyal Raz
    Eyal Raz

    VP, Finance

  • Garrett Goodman
    Garrett Goodman

    SVP International Sales and Business Development

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