Weekly Wochit: The Daily Telegraph puts audience first

The Daily Telegraph is one of the highest-profile, longest-running news outlets in the UK. They’re tuned into the times and have fully embraced social video. Their creators exhibit exceptional prowess when it comes to production, as you can see below. They separate out their coverage to topic-specific pages on social, producing videos targeted at the audiences for each. This piece, for Telegraph Money, has pulled in thousands and thousands of views and almost 200 shares.

Check it out:

This is classic social video territory: animals! The editors and creators know that social audiences almost uniformly take to videos with a focus on animals. Here, they’ve smartly spun that to the page’s specific audience by tying it to Telegraph Money’s focus and taking a look at the most expensive animals in the world.

The video-list is also a tried-and-true format for social video. Lists are always a hit online because they establish clear expectations for viewers about what they’re going to watch and offer a bite-sized set of concepts.

Outside of the crowd-pleasing content, the production is excellent. The creators pull together high-quality, visually interesting assets for each item of their list. And they move quickly between clips to keep a steady pace and engage viewers.

Text overlay is used to contextualize the footage, offering interesting background on the animals. But it’s never the star of the show: the creators let the animals have centerstage, which is what viewers want.

The color choices in the overlay work great for the video. The bold yellow announcing each animal stands out in front of every asset, as does the stark white of its cost. By housing the contextual information in a colored box, it allows it to stand out and be readable over any visual assets, regardless of the background color or motion.

The Daily Telegraph shows off their social video prowess here, in both production and tailoring to their audience. Check back next week for another outstanding, Wochit-made video.

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