USA Today sees success through contact lenses

USA Today is a long-standing news outlet with a strong brand identity. And they have not been shy about pushing their coverage in the social space with video. They know how to catch the attention of social audiences and how to craft a quality video that prompts engagement. This piece demonstrates that prowess, with 1.7 million views, 8,500 shares, over 4,000 comments, and 16,000 reactions.

Check out the clip below, and learn a little bit about why you shouldn’t sleep in contacts:

Let’s start with the video’s subject, one that is sure to catch some eyes on social (no pun intended). Lots of people wear contact lenses or know someone who do, and it’s common knowledge that people aren’t meant to sleep in their contact lenses. But most folks don’t really know why that is, a knowledge gap the creators tap into here.

If you wear contacts or know someone who does, your curiosity is instantly piqued by the subject. And it’s one that is of interest to a very broad audience. This gives the video the ability to penetrate into a wide variety of networks, potentially drawing new audience members for USA Today.

The production is first class, as well. The creators have pulled together a nice variety of high-quality, relevant images, and move between them quickly to keep viewers tuned in. They expertly utilize text-overlay to tell the video’s story and highlight key phrases with color to make them pop out.

The combination of a well-made video and a broadly interesting topic is a perfect storm for engagement. As can be seen from the shares and comments, viewers want to chime in with their own experiences and share the important health information with their own networks.

This is just one in a long line of social hits for USA Today. Their creators are truly experts on social video.

Check back next week for another great Wochit-made video!

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