5 Ways To Make Your Social Video Stand Out On Facebook

Social video is more important than ever. As of November 2015, Facebook’s daily video views are over 8 billion per day (doubled from just April of 2015), and we can count on even more growth in 2016. But it’s increasingly becoming a crowded platform — how can your brand stand out in a newsfeed saturated by cat vids and awards show .gifs?

Follow these 5 tips to give your next video a viral leg up, and you could have the next ‘Friends Furever’ on your hands:

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3 Ways To Pick the Perfect Video Length

What is the perfect online video length?

Is 20 seconds too short? Not if you intend to engage your customers on Twitter it isn’t
Is 60 seconds too long? If you need this length to tell a coherent story about your brand, go for it
Are 3 minute videos obsolete? Definitely not! It may not be right for social, but could be just the right length for a training video

The truth is, there is no ideal length in video creation. You need to choose the right length for the business videos you make based on your goals: Who are you making the video for? Where are you going to publish it? What is it about?

Let’s discuss:

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The Written Word, Still Hanging Tough

Digital video is growing and it is growing fast. We all know that much. But does the transition to content consumption in video form mean that the end is near for the written word?

Wochit CEO Dror Ginzberg explains why those who think online video will eventually replace the written word altogether are completely misreading the trend.

digital video dominating the content space


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7 Clever Ways To Use Video to Drive Business Traffic

Want to learn how to start driving more traffic to your site? Here are seven simple ways to incorporate video that will increase traffic to your business’ site.

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5 Most Common Vlog Mistakes

There are a few very special people who can make a vlog succeed even while making nearly every mistake in the book. These magical unicorns are exceptions—not the rule. Are you an exception? Maybe, but why go through the hassle of finding out when you can stack the odds in your favor? There are some newbie vlog mistakes that many people make but if you’re wise you’ll learn from their transgressions. The hard work and tough falls have all been made before you, so take advantage.Read More

Video Downloads are Here!

Now you can download and use your Wochit-made videos anywhere!

Yep, that’s right – we’re doing a little happy dance with you because now you can download, embed or link to your video directly from the Publish page and use your videos on any blog, website or YouTube channel to monetize, share or just plain old break the internet.Read More

Do I REALLY Need a Professionally Produced Vlog?

You really, really need a professionally produced vlog like you need an awesome trained monkey that’ll constantly feed you grapes and other delicious snacks. In other words, if you have more money than you know what to do with, go for it. However, nobody—not even Fortune 500 companies—needs a professional produced video or vlog. It might even work against you. Take a look at some of the most popular richest YouTubers out there. Ryan Higa, TheBajanCanadian, and The Fine Brothers all have something in common: They produce their videos for nothing.Read More

“Cutting” It in Couture: Hot Video and Fashion Week

Fashion week has arrived, and you know what that means— hot video clips galore! The New York dates are September 10-17, London is the 18-22, Milan is the 23-29, and Paris is September 30-October 7. In other words, if you have the cash and room in your passport, Fashion Week can become Fashion Month. However, for the non A-listers, you’ll likely be taking to YouTube, E! Network, and your favorite fashion blogs for a peek into this autumn’s “hautest” looks. And that’s a good thing.Read More

Is the Written Word Dead? Or Is It Having a Second Life?

The written word isn’t totally dead and buried, but occasionally it feels like it’s getting close. Each generation prefers content that’s more customizable, controllable, and available in bite-sized nuggets that can be digested on the go. Mobile readiness has arrived, and with it the ability to consume content in whatever way you prefer. For the under 40 crowd (and definitely the 21 and under crowd), video has clearly slayed written content.Read More

Shorter Videos, Longer Attention Spans

Shorter Videos, Longer Attention Spans

The verdict is in: According to Google researchers, humans now have an average attention span shorter than goldfish. That’s less than eight seconds. People won’t even wait “the blink of an eye longer” than they deem acceptable for web content to load, get interesting, or otherwise grab their attention. How can you fight this goldfish syndrome? Make shorter videos.Read More

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