Mobile Journalism is in your hands! Meet our new MoJo Uploader

wochit mojo uploader

Journalists in the field don’t have the time to wait on uploads, but when stories are breaking, editors and creators back in newsroom want footage immediately.  With our new MoJo Uploader, journalists can now transfer their videos and images directly into the newsroom production line—where Wochit videos can be made in (almost) real time.

Here are a few practical tips for the field journalist and first-time MoJo Uploaders:

  • Tag multiple photos & videos with the same description for easy indexing and searching.
  • Keep recording as uploading continues in the background.
  • Skip downloads by accessing the MoJo Uploader from any web browser on your mobile device.
  • Try using Safari on iOS devices and Chrome on Android for the best experience.
  • Go to to get started!
  • Video editors can find uploaded content in their Photo Library.

Every outlet is unique and all journalists offer their own signature spins on mobile content. We can’t wait to see what our customers are able to produce when boosting their Wochit experiences with the MoJo Uploader!

Start using the the MoJo Uploader here!

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