Weekly Wochit: another great clip from Muy Interesante México

Spanish-language publisher Muy Interesante México shows once again that they have honed their social video craft to a fine point. This fun piece takes a look at the appendix, which was long thought to be an organ without a purpose. The unique subject and tone of the video has been well-received, with over 1.8 million views, 50,000 shares, 40,000 reactions, and 1,000 comments.

You don’t have to speak Spanish to see why this video has been so successful:

Talk about doing social video right!

Let’s consider the content first. It’s an interesting, curiosity piquing subject, to be sure. Anything a little outside the norm will draw attention on social. People also like to learn something new, which this piece deliver.

The creators make good use of assets here. By combining the expected, science-oriented footage with brief cartoon clips (from Rocko’s Modern Life) they infuse the piece with a playful energy. This helps keeps viewers engaged and watching all the way to the end.

The production is tailored to excel on social, as well. Using text-overlay to tell the story makes this video friendly to all viewers, even those on-the-go with the sound off. A groovy backing track that matches the playful vibe of the footage helps drive the piece for those with the sound on.

This piece clocks in at exactly 1 minute, the sweet spot for Facebook videos (at least for the time being). And, of course, it’s aspect ratio is perhaps the most social-friendly. Square videos are given full-sized previews in Facebook feeds, both on desktop and mobile. By sharing this story in a square format, the creators are assuring that it will visually stand out in any timeline where it appears.

This is really an exceptional Wochit-made video. Check back next week for another!

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