Weekly Wochit: Padres e Hijos lands a social hit

Spanish-language magazine Padres e Hijos (Fathers & Sons) had a huge hit on Facebook this month. This social video looks at 7 simple things that can help you child have a good time a school, tapping directly into the concerns and interests of their target audience. The response has been fantastic; already the piece has over 4 million views, 41,000 reactions, 871 comments and almost 130,000 shares! It’s clear that magazine’s message is getting through to their followers, who are spreading it to their own networks.

Have a look at this great video:

Even if you’re not a Spanish-speaker, you can see that this video is crafted for maximum impact on social.

By using a square format, the creators stake a visual claim to the timeline. For viewers who come upon the video on mobile, the preview occupies the bulk of the screen.

That makes for eye-catching content and easy viewing. And even for those browsing traditionally, the square preview occupies much more on-screen real estate than a horizontally oriented (16:9) piece.

The video is built from high-quality video assets that hold viewers’ attention. By moving quickly between a variety of clips, a steady forward-motion is established. That momentum helps keep people watching all the way to the end.

The approach to the subject is also tailor-made for social. Lists always make for successful social content, be they in written or video form. People know what to expect from a piece of content that is a list and they make for easy, straight-forward shares when the content taps their interest.

Content about kids is always popular on social, too. The joy of youth is infectious and that positivity spreads to viewers. Viewers are much likelier to engage with and share content that prompts a positive emotional response.

On every front, Padres e Hijos strikes a winning formula for social content. We’ll see you here next week for another stellar Wochit-made video!

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