Why Your Brand Should Tell Its Story Through Video

Video content dominates online spaces, from social to owned-and-operated sites. Brands who haven’t fully embraced video can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines. From driving conversions to growing an audience, video is the key to brand success online, and content marketers know it. Let’s take a closer look at why brands need video to tell their stories.

Video helps build relationships

Video is the most effective way to connect with your target audience and expand that pool. On social, video remains the most popular and engaged-with format. All those engagements bring your content into new feeds and puts your brand in front of new eyes.

When followers and viewers are moved to engage with content, and their circles are drawn to those interactions, the foundation for an ongoing relationship with your brand is laid. Followers come to recognize your content and trust your voice.

This power isn’t limited to social. Video content on your own site fosters this familiarity and loyalty, too. Video simply communicates more to a viewer and can be instilled with emotional power that plain text often lacks. Video is the key way to establish a relationship between your audience and your brand.

Video earns more conversions

There is a long-standing correlation between video and conversion. For brands looking to raise those conversion numbers – and, really, what brand isn’t? – video can help drive the increase. In fact, according to Hubspot, 76% of content marketers say video helped them increase sales.

What makes video such a powerful conversion tool? Most simply, video is naturally engaging to all potential customers. Even the least attentive follower can be drawn in by video and potentially converted. Video is also an effective way to convey what your brand represents, and what any products or services offer to potential customers.

Video drives SEO

Video doesn’t just elevate your brand’s impact on people, it also provides a major SEO lift. Google gives extra weight to pages with video content, because they know that people love video. Utilizing video on your own site will push you higher in search and bring more of your target demographic to your page.

Just be sure to use best practices for video SEO, like including a full-text description of your video and clear, concise title. Otherwise the web crawling bots won’t know what your content is about!

Video is the best way to expand your reach

From social impact to SEO lift, video content is simply the best way to grow the footprint of your brand. VIdeo will naturally bring more people to your page, more followers to your social channels, and more conversions overall.

In the video-centric, mobile-friendly world of today’s web, brands need to embrace video as the way to tell their story and talk to their audience. Video is the key to growth in online spaces and a bountiful future for every brand!

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