Why Brands Need Video at the Core of their Content Marketing Strategy

It’s been well-established that video content is the leading content type on social, which should be enough for brands to turn an eye towards video. But that isn’t the only reason brands need to embrace video. The numbers speak for themselves – from social to their own sites to content marketing across the web, video is the answer brands are looking for to reach new audiences and customers.

Content Marketing is Key to Brand Growth and Development

Content marketing is a different beast than traditional marketing. While the end goal is still to raise brand awareness, highlight new products or explain their use, content marketing offers audiences something very different than the sales pitch of traditional advertising.

Instead, brands develop original creative content for audiences in their target demographics. Subjects and stories that tap into the interests of that group will drive engagement and shares, which in turn builds familiarity and brand loyalty.

Video is simply the most powerful way to build these relationships with an online audience. Visual content is more engaging and captivating, and more likely to be shared. It affords creators the opportunity to tap into emotions and give viewers a memorable experience that is directly associated with a brand. And calls-to-action (CTAs) in video allows brands to shepherd viewers to where they want them next – like a branded site, product page, etc.

Content Marketing with Video Goes Beyond Social

A brand’s content marketing strategy does not stop at social. Video content helps reach audiences and potential customers because these same users are no longer responding as well to direct ads as in the past. Unlike direct ads, content marketing offers the opportunity for brands to create a genuine, unique experience for their viewers – which makes the subtle branding palatable for them.

Original video content can also be utilized on your own website. Videos can be paired with blog posts, product pages – anything that gives you the opportunity to tell your visitors stories and not just product information, thus creating that connection between brand and user that goes beyond transactional.

Your outreach efforts can be boosted by video, too. Newsletters are a perfect place for video content – open rates jump by nearly 20% when just the word “video” is included in the subject line. And video boosts the goals of branded newsletters by giving readers captivating content from a brand they are loyal to.

Brands Shouldn’t Obsess Over Virality

Scoring a big viral hit with marketing content can be great – but that shouldn’t be the aim of your content marketing strategy, simply because virality can never be guaranteed or planned for.

There are no surefire templates for viral videos, and the resources creators might pour into trying to craft one might be better spent creating content that is sure to resonate with your target segment. After all, you do know them best!

Branded video content can still be funny, heartwarming, or otherwise emotional, as viral clips often are. But the context for those emotional cues should be zeroed in on target demographics, not the whole world. The huge view counts and wide sharing of a viral hit certainly raise visibility. But the nature of a viral video is unlikely to be relevant to your core audience the way you want, and may not always be in line with your branding.

Video is a powerful tool and one that elevates content marketing efforts to the next level. Brands looking to grow their audiences and visibility online should embrace video for purposes from social to newsletters, to their own sites, and beyond!

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