L’Express has a strategy for success

L’Express has an established, successful social video strategy. They bring their audience coverage and content from around the world, and Wochit helps them do that. In this piece, L’Express highlights a popular, English-language story that was making the rounds on social and delivers it to their French audience. With over 764,000 views, 11,000 shares, 1,300 comment, and 28,000 reactions, it’s safe to say that there’s something universal about what makes social video content thrive.

Check out the piece below:

It’s easy to see why this story and the raw video became a popular subject on social. The content is heartwarming, funny, and genuine.

Seeing a teacher who really cares about his students get their day started in such a fun way, and the joy it brings his students is the kind of feel-good content that thrives on social. No surprise, then, that the story of this teacher was making the rounds when L’Express picked it up.

It’s not just re-sharing a popular piece of content that makes this video click. Through overlay and translation, L’Express brings this content to their French-speaking audience, localizing it for their enjoyment.

The creators do a great job with that text-overlay, using color boxes to make the text pop out. The use color, bold, and italics to highlight key words and phrases, as well, drawing the viewer’s eye.

Also notice how they utilize their branding in the initial overlay, matching the colors to their logo. Text overlay can be an extremely useful tool in creating consistent, recognizable branding for your social audiences, as L’Express has learned!

And, of course, they keep this clip short! It clocks in at just about one minute – the perfect length for Facebook. The short length, quick cuts and constant action on-screen all work together to keep the video moving and viewers watching.

We’ll see you here next week for another great, Wochit-made video!

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