Wochit Update: Stay On-Brand with Text Styles

Text overlays are an integral part of social videos. As one of the primary methods through which to tell your story, text overlays are naturally also a perfect way to build and showcase your brand’s identity.  Brand identity can be supported by many elements of a video—the tone, the look, the pace, the editorial voice, and yes, the way text overlays appear in your videos.

Establish your brand’s identity with Text Styles

To help you with this nuanced task of strengthening and maintaining your brand identity, Wochit launched the Text Style tool. The Text Styles tool allows you to set the font, color, background, position, and animation of text boxes. Text Styles can be used within the same video, or across videos. Anyone on your team can create Text Styles and save them privately, or share them with the entire production line.

The result? All videos created by your team will have a similar look keeping your brand recognizable in the sea of social content.

Here is an example of a video created by Eurosport using Text Styles:

Experiment social video formats with Text Styles

In addition to allowing every brand to set its own style for text overlays, Text Styles open new possibilities for easy creation of new video formats. With text overlays in fixed position and style, new types of videos that rely heavily on text can easily be created.

Text Styles are available to all our customers. If you create with Wochit, click here to learn more on how to work with Text Styles.

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