For Ringier Africa, A Little Creativity Goes A Long Way

Ringier Africa Digital Publishing (RADP) has three video teams in three countries, all using Wochit to produce content for their brands Pulse Nigeria, Pulse Ghana, Pulse Live Kenya, and Business insider Sub Saharan Africa. Ringier’s Team Leader of video, Noel Hutchinson, recently held a competition between creators with the goal of finding an innovative, new format that could be replicated in videos moving forward. It all kicked off with a special training session by Wochit.

“The advanced training session followed by the competition provided a fantastic platform for a concentrated period of creative freedom focusing on the development of video templates for series based social formats,” said Noel, of why he decided to challenge his creative teams with this competition. “I also saw as an exciting team building exercise that could help develop greater Pan-African knowledge sharing, closer collaboration and further innovation throughout our Wochit teams.”

The Winners

After two weeks of creation and competition, Wochit judged the videos submitted by Ringier’s creators. Check out the excellent winning video by Oluwafemi Bakare (Femi), for Pulse Nigeria, about Hugh Hefner:

On coming up with the winning concept, Femi said, “I interpreted the script and decided to do something playful because of the subject matter. Playboy is known for its playmates and the controversy surrounding it so I choose that concept to add to the intrigue of the story.”

Here’s the outstanding runner up piece by George Salia, for Pulse Ghana, about footballers Lukaku and Morata:

The Outcomes

“Overall it was a great chance for us refine and expand on the way we use Wochit and it’s many features,” said Noel, of the video competition. “I was amazed at what the teams came up with and loved the friendly competition that it sparked. The amount of creativity not only highlighted the untapped potential of Wochit but it also highlighted the untapped potential of the Wochit creators within our teams. It also help us to create engaging and scalable video templates that can be repurposed and reproduced as series based social video formats.”

The winner Femi reflected on the competition, saying “I learned to step out of the box when creating and to go with my instincts. I also discovered that a little creativity goes a long way.”

We love to see the creative fires of video teams being stoked! While we’ve shared the top 2 here, Ringier Africa’s competition was clearly a rousing success, pushing experimentation and video skills forward across their teams. We look forward to seeing these new formats in wider use at their publications – and we can’t wait to see what their great creatives come up with next!

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