5 of the Best Wochit Videos of 2017…So Far

We’re more than halfway through the year and there’s been no shortage of incredible social videos. As more and more publishers around the world are creating videos with Wochit, we can hardly keep up with all the great work being done in every corner of the globe. We looked back over the last six months and selected 5 of the best videos made with Wochit so far in 2017. Check out these great videos below:

The Business of Fashion: The Reality of Fast Fashion

This is a truly outstanding video, putting many best practices to use to great results. Color and and sizing in the text-overlay highlights key phrases to add emphasis. And telling the story a few words at a time allows the creators to establish a rhythm and pace to the piece. All this over striking, vibrant visuals and to tell a story aimed directly at their target audience.

The publisher's guide to social video: info.wochit.com/ebooks/social-video

Humankind: The Hitchhiking Woodpecker

Humankind shows just how successful a simple, funny video can be on social. This raw recording of a tiny woodpecker that hitched a ride on (and in) a Chicago commuters car has nearly 50 million views. The creators smartly caption the video, to allow for viewers with the sound off to understand what they’re watching. It’s the power of humor, animals, and something out-of-the-ordinary that fuels this piece – three of the biggest draws for social content.

Pulse Ghana: 37 year-old mother of 38 children

A concise, excellent piece of social news reporting is what this video offers. It moves briskly through the story, offering just enough detail. For viewers interested in learning even more, the creators preview a full, written piece that is also linked in the video’s comments. Sharp reporting on subjects with a “wow” factor can go a long way on social, as evidenced by the more than 45,000 shares this video has to date.

Focus: The Future of Drinking Water

Focus has a robust and successful online video offering, covering all manner of subjects. This playful piece offers a memorable look at an unusual new technology. With a suite of different video assets at their disposal, some straight-forward text overlay is all the creators need to fill in the context for the story. A playful backing track matches the mood of the video for viewers with the sound on. And the creators close with a classic social CTA, pointing viewers to their other channels and website.

Topito Voyage: Gloucester Cheese Rolling

As we’ve oft-repeated, an unusual story with some strong visuals is a perfect mix on social. Well, Topito Voyage hit that nail on the head with this piece. It’s hard to imagine a stranger sporting event than they one they document here, and they lean on the unique, humorous nature in this video. Also notice that their text overlay is stylized to match their branding, adding an extra layer of recognizability and familiarity for viewers who encounter their content.

These are just a few of the incredible videos we’ve already seen made with Wochit in 2017. We have no doubt many more are to come!

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