Maxima Tackles Social Controversy Through Social Video

Maxima is an Austrian women’s magazine that recently joined the Wochit family! They’ve embraced a social video strategy, publishing multiple videos a week on topics like fashion, beauty, travel and more. This recent piece covers the controversy around fashion entrepreneur Miroslava Duma. And it shows off the creative talent of Maxima’s video team!

Check out the video below:

Let’s start with the subject and story choice for this piece. The topic is not just centered on controversy around a public figure, but also one that is part of an ongoing cultural conversation. But on social and offline, issues of race and discrimination are being discussed every single day.

Engaging with a timely, relevant subject is a sure way to draw in viewers. Maxima has added their voice to a conversation, and are prompting a response from viewers.

The Pocket Guide to Social Video

The title of the video actually directly encourages a reaction, asking “What do you think of Mira Duma?” A title like this piques interest in a potential viewer. And it can serve as an instant hook, by framing the story as one to which the viewer should for a response.

Of course, the production is top notch. High-quality, standout assets open the piece and appear throughout.

The creators also put social media content to use, as that’s where the story began. But they also use social content of flesh out the story, giving us responses, comments and follow-ups. These days, stories aren’t just shared on social – it can be where they play out.

Throughout the piece, text overlay is used expertly. The color boxes and font choices match Maxima’s branding, which is ever-present in the top right corner.

When some text needs translated for Maxima’s audience, they use a large splash to display it. This visually cues the viewer that what they’re seeing is the translation of the image behind the box. And it’s an eye-catching addition to the screen.

With a groovy backing track and a CTA prompting viewers to check out more videos, this piece is the total package. We look forward to more great videos from Maxima!

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