Kaltura and Wochit Join Forces in a Multifaceted Partnership

Wochit joins Kaltura’s Video Technology Marketplace to offer its Video Creation Capabilities to Kaltura Customers
Kaltura VPaaS, has been chosen by Wochit to complement Wochit Inside, Wochit’s embedded video creation solution for marketplaces and other platforms

Wochit, the leading cloud video creation platform, announced its partnership with Kaltura today. Wochit Studio is now accessible for all Kaltura customers via the Kaltura MediaSpace video portal, and Kaltura Application Framework products. Wochit’s agile and flexible video creation platform equipped with the world’s largest licensed content pool, and myriad social integrations, is now fully embedded and integrated into Kaltura’s products.

Used by the world’s largest educational institutions and enterprises, Kaltura offers a broad solution suite that can meet the video needs of every department across the organization. Now, with Wochit, the entire video lifecycle is unified, from creation through management, to playback and analytics – all within an integrated platform.

The Wochit integration allows Kaltura users to take advantage of Wochit’s cutting-edge video editing technology, unparalleled content library, and innovative functionalities to help them elevate the quality and quantity of their video production. Users will have access to:

  • The full Wochit Studio editing experience
  • Storyboards – Video templates for an even faster creation process
  • Owned videos hosted in Kaltura
  • Images and videos from top content agencies and social media
  • Customized branding for brand consistency

“We are delighted to partner with Kaltura in empowering its users to create high-quality videos with minimal setup. This integration means customers can upload media and manage their video creation and distribution process in a streamlined manner, on a single interface,” said Frank Besteiro, VP Strategic Business Development, Americas.

In addition, Wochit has chosen Kaltura’s Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS) to complete Wochit Inside. Wochit Inside, a fully embedded and white-labeled solution, seamlessly integrates video creation capabilities into other platforms, helping their clients drive more business with the power of video. Kaltura VPaaS adds content management, transcoding, playback, distribution, analytics, accessibility, monetization, security, search, interactivity and more to create a holistic solution.

“We are excited to partner with Wochit to further enhance their platform with Kaltura VPaaS, and at the same time enhance our Video Technology Marketplace with Wochit’s solution. Integrating Wochit’s Studio will allow our Education and Enterprise customers to benefit from enhanced editing capabilities, a robust image library and easy video creation tools. This is another great step in fulfilling Kaltura’s mission of powering any video experience”, said Liad Eshkar, Managing Director, Partnerships and Strategy.

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