Help your clients drive more business with the power of video. Extend your offering with video creation functionality

  • You take care of your clients,
    we’ll take care of the video creation technology.

    Seamlessly integrate video creation capabilities into your platform.
    Let your clients shine through beautiful video experiences, driving engagement and new business

  • Designed with Diverse SMB Users in Mind

    Wochit Shortcut, our embedded video editor, is as simple and intuitive as could be, to make sure your clients can actually make use of it and produce stunning results

  • White-Labeled

    Fully stripped and customized for look & feel, to smoothly blend with your platform and workflows

  • You are in Control

    Wochit Inside is fully self-served for both you and your clients. Create countless video templates with Wochit Studio and allow your clients to edit their videos with embedded Wochit Shortcut

  • Straightforward Integration

    Our stats show that our clients launch Wochit Inside within a few weeks. From conceptual design to production, we have your back with a dedicated professional team that will get you up and running in no time

One-Stop-Shop for Video Creation

Cutting-edge technology and innovative UX to make video creation effortless

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Video creation isn’t available through mobile

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