An Interesting New Format Saves Viewers Time and Nets iPaper an Engagement Win

The iPaper, a part of iNews, is focused on giving their viewers quick-but-detailed rundown of the news. But they like to mix things up, too, and give their social audience some fun – and funny – stories to enjoy. That’s exactly what’s on display in this news roundup clip. And it shows off a simple, creative way to make video news content even more engaging for social viewers.

Check out the piece below:

This video kicks off in a one of the most engaging ways possible – with someone talking directly to the viewer! That immediate, conversational interaction instantly catches the viewer’s attention.

Note how casual the host is. It feels very on-the-fly, not something highly polished and produced. That off-the-cuff vibe works great on social and helps a video standout as something fun and friendly.

Features like Wochit’s mobile uploader makes it simple to snap this kind of video on-the-fly. You can even import it directly to a production timeline, so there’s no delay in shaping your final video.

The quick back and forth between the host and video assets guarantees that the attention of the viewer is always being recaptured. And moving through several stories in just about a minute means the audience is constantly being given some new playful news item to chew on.

The creators at iPaper do something very slick with branding in this piece. When the video cuts away from the host, the story assets are almost all framed at the top by a mock browser bar that is a perfect copy of the iNews website. Not only does this reinforce the outlet’s branding, it’s also a subtle nudge to viewers that says “if you liked this, there’s even more on our website!”

This is an outstanding unique piece from start to finish. The creators at iPaper have shaped something special with their playful roundup and colorful commentary. We look forward to seeing more of their great videos!

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