Eurosport Finds Success With Regional Focus

Eurosport is a major European sports publisher, and they have wholly embraced social video. Their video creation efforts span across multiple social channels focused on nine different countries. Some videos are created centrally and translated for local audiences. Others are crafted by regional teams to focus on their specific country. It’s all part of a robust and successfully video strategy that Eurosport has embraced.

Across all their channels, the publisher’s creative teams deliver high-quality and engaging content. Check out this recent video from their Italian Facebook channel:

The creators use outstanding assets from start to finish. Kicking off with a moving image helps instantly engage viewers. The heavy use of video footage throughout helps hold that attention.

The listicle format is a tried and true video style for social. It sets up clear expectations for the audience, and the creators deliver on them. The video maintains a steady pace, using the striking stills of each player to create a rhythm between segments.

Animation is used to bring text on- and off-screen. This draws attention to the overlay and keeps the eyes of the audience engaged.

The creators made exceptional use of text styles in crafting the overlay for this video. Color makes key phrases and each number of the list stand out, while the text boxes keep things readable even over dynamic assets. The font choice also matches Eurosport’s own branding.

This video clocks in at just under two minutes. While longer than the typical social video, the length means this piece is primed for monetization. To qualify for Facebook’s midroll ads – and draw revenue from them – a video must be at least 90 seconds long.

The sharp production and engaging content on display here are par for the course for Eurosport’s expert creators. We look forward to a year full of great videos!

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