Azula Finds Success with Social Videos About the Ocean

Azula is an online publisher focused on sharing stories about the oceans. The world’s largest ocean conservation nonprofit, Oceana, founded Azula in 2014. Azula has a dedicated and successful social video strategy. The creators tell unique and informative stories with amazing ocean visuals. This piece about sharks and pilot fish was a huge hit, with over 2 million views!Check out the video below:

The story and production of this video are tailored for maximum social effectiveness. The creators took best practices to heart and it paid off!

The square format is ever-more popular on social, drawing eyes and displaying well for all viewers. The short run time – just under one minute – falls in the sweet spot for viral success.

The creators put text overlay to exceptional use. It not only tells the story succinctly, but is also used to draw eyes and engage viewers. The animated text works to recapture attention. A playful, conversational thread between some overlay segments keeps viewers engaged.

Of course, the story itself is a great one for social. The unusual relationship between sharks and pilot fish makes for a unique story. It’s educational and it piques the interest of potential viewers.

Throughout the video, high-quality moving assets are used. The striking imagery from under the sea is the kind of footage people just don’t see every day. That makes it even more intriguing when it pops up in a feed!

From start to finish, Azula’s branding is present and noticeable. Without interfering with the video and story, the creator’s make sure that viewers know where this piece is coming from. Even viewer’s who may not watch the entire video will have an association between the high quality content and Azula.

This great video is just one of countless the team at Azula have created. We look forward to lots of great new videos from Azula this year!

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