2017’s Top Posts about Video Creation

The pivot to video dominated 2017. We spent the year coring big trends and best practices to help creators produce the effective, exciting videos for social and their own sites. With countless new publishers, media companies, and brand fully embracing video, interest was high in creative tips and guides. We’re looking back at some of the most-visited posts this year. Each one holds insight and advice for anyone in an organization with video focus, including some great examples of powerful social content.

A Straightforward Guide to Text-Overlay

The combined rise in social video and mobile viewing has made text-overlay a must for social video. Using text assures that any viewer, even if they’re on the go with the sound off, can fully appreciate and enjoy a video. But there’s more to text than just that – it is also a bridge that stitches ideas together so viewers easily follow the the story from beginning to the end. Learn the best practices for overlay here.

10 Great Examples of Social Videos

With more video being created than ever, there is a constant stream of exciting content coming across our screens. It can be tough to keep up with it all, so we pulled together 10 high-caliber examples. Each one shows off exception creative skill, and puts best practices to work to gain views and engagement. Check them out!

All You Need is Overlay: 3 Great Examples

Text-overlay is one of the most important components of social video, and readers were very interested in it this year. Here, we pull together three outstanding examples of text overlay to show creators the world of possibilities that exist. See these expert videos here.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When using Text in Videos

We know that text is a critical part of online video, but not every use of text takes full advantage of the usefulness of communicating with viewers in that way. We analyze three common mistakes creators make when putting text to use in their videos, and show you how to avoid those pitfalls. Learn more here.

Square is the New Standard for Social Video

Despite having been published in late 2016, this post was one of the most-read of 2017. And it’s no wonder – this year has seen square solidified as the absolute standard for social video. Square videos get more views and engagements on social, in no small part due to the fact that they display well on every screen, and preview at full size in feeds. Learn more about how square became a must for social here.

2018 is sure to bring new trends and opportunities in online video. We’ll be here with all the insight, tips, and guides you’ll need to make the most of video. If you want to make video worth sharing, Wochit is here to help.

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