Sound Options for Video Clips


Choosing the right sound options is an important part of putting your video together. You decide on the type of sound you’ll be including while your editing your clips on the Timeline under the Audio section


To adjust the audio on your video clip:

    1. Click on the video clip, then select the pencil edit tool
    2. On the Toolbar you will notice the new orange Audio option, click on it
    3. We now have new options for audio which also allow for more flexibility:
      • MIX: both the video audio and the background music will be mixed together
      • BG Music Only: Audio from the video clip will be muted, only the background music will be heard
      • Video Only: Audio from the video clip will play, and the background music will be muted or lowered (depending on custom settings)
      • Custom: Allows you to customize the audio levels for both the Video clip and background music to find the perfect mix for each asset.
    4. Select your audio setting
    5. You have the option to Apply to All Videos which will apply the sound settings to all video clips on your Timeline.
    6. Then click Apply and Done to return to the Timeline

    The audio levels in the asset editor (including asset, narration and background music) and your rough cut preview will be IDENTICAL to the audio levels in full preview and your final video.  

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen