Adding Media to Your Lightbox

Whether you are creating a video with VO or without, you will use the media library to search for and collect content. For a Voice-Over Video you will be taken directly to Media Selection after starting a video. You can also enter the gallery from the Timeline step by using the Media button in the Lightbox.

Adding an Image to the Lightbox


  1. Click on the Search Media button to be taken to the Wochit Media Gallery
  2. Search by keyword for the assets that you need using the search bar on top of the screen
  3. To add an image from the Media Library, click on it and it will open a Image Preview window.
  4. From here click ‘Add to Lightbox’ or ‘Close’ if you decide you don’t need it.
  5. Images you add will be shown under the Selected Media Icon on the top right of the Gallery screen

Quick Tip: While scrolling over an image, you’ll notice a + sign in the top right corner. To add an Image quickly you can simply click on the + sign to add it to your Lightbox

Adding a Video Segment to the Lightbox

  1. Search by keyword for the assets that you need using the search bar on top of the Media Gallery
  2. To add a video segment from the Media Gallery click on it which will open a Create Video Segments Window.
  3. Use the blue in and out points below the video preview to select the segment of the video you want to include
  4. when completed click ‘Add to Lightbox’

From the Media Gallery you can also upload your own media either from Youtube or your desktop, and create an infographic. You should also check out these articles for more information on adding images and videos from Instagram and Twitter.


Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen