The Plus Collection

This experimental feature is unlike the other media in our library, and is instead a pay per asset selection of images and videos. A content fee will be applied if Plus Collection media is used in the final produced video, with the charge automatically added to your monthly invoice.


If applicable, currency conversion will be done on the invoice date.

The content fee will be charged on a per asset basis. Although you will still see a confirmation, once the media has been purchased you and your team may use the content on any future videos at no additional cost.

You do have the option to limit your teams access to the Plus Collection. To do so reach out to your Customer Success Manager who would be happy to help.


Plus Collection FAQ

  • What if I already have a separate deal with a plus content provider like Storyful. Will I still be charged for using the content?

    The short answer is yes. If you take the media from our library you will be purchasing it through Wochit and you will be charged on your monthly invoice. To avoid this, feel free to upload the media from your desktop for use in a Wochit video.

  • My co-worker already purchased  a video clip from the Plus Collection. When I try to use that clip in my project I get a payment notification, will we be charged twice for using the same content?

    No. The content fee is only charged once per asset for an organization. Although you will continue to see the plus content tag and confirmation of purchase you will only be charged once per asset.

    The full list of Plus Collection content your team used will be listed on your monthly invoice. After the first usage of the plus content in a published video, you and your team can use that media as often as needed at no additional cost.




  • How do I know if a video or image falls under the Plus Collection?

    Plus Collection content will be clearly marked throughout the Wochit Studio. While searching through the media library you will see them tagged with a little orange icon.

    In the segment editor you will see it clearly marked as Plus Collection with the corresponding price on each asset. In addition you will also be asked to confirm the cost before adding the media to your lightbox.

  • How do I look through Plus Collection content?

    The Plus Collection content will be clearly marked in the Media library and will be updated frequently as new videos and images become available.

    Currently, Storyful is our only Plus Collection provider. To see content provide by Storyful you can use the filter option in the Media library, select Storyful and then Close the overlay to search through it.

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