Story Based Search

Story Based Search gives you a head start in finding videos, images, Tweets, Instagram posts and infographics that are relevant to your story. A great option when you are creating a video based off a story you’ve already published.

With the URL of the published story we will scrap the story for the headline, story text and relevant keywords all of which we use to search through our Media Library to find relevant assets for you to use.

Story Based search is available under Media Selection on the left bar menu. To use it first, open Media Selection


  1. From the left hand Media Selection menu select the lightbulb icon labeled ‘Story’
  2. Enter the URL link to the article page and click the pink search button
     The article’s headline, description and a list of search keywords will populate on the page
  3. Click Start Searching to search for media assets from a suggested media gallery based on the story text
  4. Add the assets you would like to use to your Lightbox
    Remember, you can always return to the complete Media Gallery using the left-side navigation bar to find more assets
  5. Exit Media Selection by clicking next or the X in the top right corner to return to the Timeline.

Note: Even if you decide to start your story using Media Search or Instant Video you can always access the Suggested Media tab and enter a URL to get a more narrowed search. 


Video creation isn’t available through mobile

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