Add A Video Segment to The Lightbox

The first step in creating a video with Wochit is to collect media in your lightbox. Search by keyword for the assets that you need using the search bar on top of the media library.

    1. To add a video segment from the Media Library, click on it which will open a Create Video Segments Window.
    2. Use the blue in and out points below the video preview window to select the segment of the video you want to include
    3. when completed click ‘Add to Lightbox’ or use the A key on your keyboard.

    From the Media Gallery you can also upload your own media either from Youtube or your desktop, and create an infographic.

  1. In an effort to make it easier to select a segment for a video package we’ve added scene detection as a feature in our media library. Scene detection, will go through the full video package to detect different scenes and then segment it off so you can easily search and add clips to your Lightbox.

    Scene detection will be enabled automatically and start working when you first open the video clip in Media Selection. It will then allow you to scroll from one scene to the next to easily find the clip you’re looking for!

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen