Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  1. How is Wochit efficient?

    With Wochit, videos are created easily even by users who have little to no experience in video creation, so your video strategy can be implemented without investing extra resources in special equipment or personnel. Our Showroom offers insights into how other companies have implemented successful video strategies using Wochit. And, at any time, users can level-up their video creation skills by tuning into our blog and video channel for expert video creation advice and tips.


  2. Who is Wochit for?

    Wochit is a video-creation platform that empowers publishers and brands with the tools to create beautiful videos, seamlessly. Our customers include media publishers, agencies and brands. Our creators are diverse — from video editors to social media managers, to sales managers, and range from novices to experts in video creation.

    Wochit is the leading tool for creating short-form videos that match every use case. Our offering can be curated to meet your business and content needs. With Wochit Studio, provide each of your video creators with unique user accounts that give them full access to comprehensive and autonomous editing tools. With Wochit Shortcut, provide centrally-controlled video-creation software for users on your website, to help them generate video to reflect their unique brand. With Wochit Inside, offer embeddable video-editing software offering for your clients. Or, with Wochit WAVE, use our platform to create, in bulk, hundreds of auto-generated, unique videos for publishing with a few clicks.

    Whether creating for a website or to post to a social network, Wochit allows you to create video that suits every platform. At this time, we do not have subscription options for individual creators. However, we welcome all who are interested in video to learn more about creating audience-capturing videos by following our blog and reading our social video ebook.

  3. How many videos can I make monthly with Wochit?

    We offer bespoke creative packages to meet your use case. Our annual subscription model is based on user seats, each with unlimited monthly video creation capacity. We can work with you to include additional features in your package, such as customized video formats, languages, and designs. Contact us to find out how Wochit can help you meet your video creation goals.

  4. Do I need to hire a video editor to use Wochit?

    Nope! Our platform was created to make the video creation process as intuitive as possible, all in one browser window. A user-friendly video editor and local media asset library are built into the software, so no need for other tools. Wochit’s platform is comprehensive and easily navigable enough to empower all kinds of users to create high-quality video.


  1. Can I upload my own media? What type of files are accepted?

    Yes! You can upload as many images and videos as you’d like into your own Wochit gallery (provided that you have the rights to them or own them). Any file under 1 GB will work. Once you’ve uploaded media to your gallery, you can add it to any video you create, during the editing stage, with the click of a button.

  2. Is the content I upload available to others?

    Based on your preferences, you can upload and share content with: colleagues within your organization or remain private. You decide upon account set up and can change these settings at any time.


  3. Do you offer narration services?

    No, we do not offer narration services. However, our platform allows you to record your voice and upload the file to your video for narration over images and video.

  4. Can you create videos in any language?

    Yes, videos can be created in any language using Voice Over or Text Overlays. If you can speak it, you can record it.


  1. Do I need to download or install the video editor on my computer?

    Nope! Wochit is an online video creation platform that can be used to create and edit video alone or collaboratively with team members, requiring only an internet connection, a Google Chrome browser, and a Wochit login.


  2. How do I share the video I made?

    It’s not only easy to make videos with Wochit but also share them across the web once you’re done right from within the platform. Once you finish the video editing and publish your video, you can download the video or share directly from the platform to a range of social networks, such as to Instagram or Facebook, or to collaborative platforms such as Slack or Dropbox.

  3. Can I use licensed media from the Wochit library elsewhere?

    Please note that it goes against the terms and conditions of our platform to use our pre-licensed media assets from the built-in library anywhere other than within your Wochit videos. Our main goal is to provide our users with all the tools you need to make professional videos. We take pride in our partnerships with the top licensed content & stock photo agencies in the world, including Getty Images. We trust our users to respect these partnerships and limit their use of these assets to Wochit-made videos.


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