The year of the #WochitWin: looking back at 5 of the best

Best #wochitwin social videos of 2016

Throughout 2016, publishers have been producing incredible social videos and finding ever-greater success. To highlight those clips that rocketed to 1 million views or beyond, we introduced the #WochitWin. So many excellent, engaging videos are being made with Wochit, it’s been a challenge to keep up with all of them who’ve hit the mark! In honor of all those smash hits, we’re taking a look back at 5 of our favorite Wochit Wins from 2016.

Women’s Health: daily habits of happy couples

The listicle is a tried and true format for social content, and it works just as well in video form. Women’s Health runs down their 10 point list swiftly without sacrificing substance. They close all of their videos with a CTA encouraging viewers to check out their website. That’s always a smart play – here that message has reached nearly 7 million!

New Scientist: magic mushrooms may help depression

The team over at New Scientist have seen a slew of videos reach #WochitWin status in 2016. This piece is pushing 5 million views, with tens of thousands of shares. The video is produced supremely well, but its subject is also a great one. The scientific couching of the clip appeals directly to New Scientist’s followers, while the novelty of it gives it legs to reach a broader network and new potential audiences.

L’express: the hug heard (and seen) round the world

When France unexpected lost the Euro 20016 to Portugal, many French fans were no doubt feeling a sting. But this heartfelt moment from the final where a young Portugal fan comforts a grown fan of the French team warmed hearts the world over. L’express presented this moment – a huge trending topic at the time – expertly and with brevity. With over 6 million views, this clip shows the value of tapping into trending conversations.

Essence: an athlete’s inspirations tale

When Olympian Gabby Douglas became the focus of some negativity during this year’s games in Rio, Essence put the power of video to work to remind audiences of her inspirational story. The positive-focus of the video pushed back against the negativity, while speaking directly to the publisher’s target audience and engaging with the social conversation. Over 4 million views later, Essence surely struck the chord they were hoping for.

CBS News: baby pandas to melt the heart

Aren’t they adorable? CBS news scored a massive hit with this video – over 90 million views and counting. It’s an expertly crafted video that simply highlights something social audiences can never get enough of: baby animals. The video delivers feelings as warm and fuzzy as those pandas surely are.

It’s worth noting, CBS News has honed their social video skills to a fine point! This is but one of many Wochit Wins the publisher landed this year.

2016 has been an incredible year for social video and there’s no doubt the trend will carry on in 2017. We can’t wait to see all the great videos you create with Wochit in the new year!


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