Weekly Wochit: HuffPost Italia tells an inspirational tale

HuffPost Italia tapped into the power of inspiration last week. Their social video about wheelchair fencer Bebe Vio as a big hit. The Wochit-made piece currently has over 250,000 views, 4,000 reactions, and over 2,000 shares! The story of the Paralympic gold medalist really caught the attention of the social media audience.

Check out the sharp video:

Are you feeling inspired? It’s hard not to in the face of such awesome accomplishments.

The positivity of that inspiration drives views and engagement. When content makes a viewer feel good, they’re much likelier to interact with and share it. This kind of story about perseverance instill just about everyone with positive feelings. And in just 45 short seconds, the team at Huffpost Italia fleshes out Vio’s story with great assets and well-done overlay.

Jumping between video footage and still imagery keeps the piece moving at a steady pace. The assets themselves also captivate the viewer, from the celebration of her Paralympic win to a selfie with president Obama. There’s not a moment when the viewer isn’t visually engaged.

Overlay is put to good effect here, as well. There’s never too much text on screen at once, and the creators intelligently use color to draw attention to key words and phrases while also providing visual flair. The overlay also holds a steady position at the bottom of the frame, being sure to not take away from any of the high-quality visuals in play.

The overlay also allows the video to fully function on mute. That’s critical today, as viewers are regularly watching on-the-go and may not want to turn on the sound. But, for those who do, there’s a driving soundtrack to match Vio’s enthusiasm and vibrance.

HuffPost Italia shows just how finely tuned their video-creation skills are in this piece. Check back next week for more outstanding videos made with Wochit!

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