Your Wochit Videos Have Never Sounded Better

Looking for a fresh sound to your videos? We hear you!  Sound is an important part of the video-watching experience. While some creators are fine with preset sound and volume levels, we know that others want advanced, fine-tuning capabilities. We recently updated the Wochit background music library and controls. Now you have more background music choices and you can control the sounds down to the single asset!

Background Music Library

The Wochit background music library has recently been completely revamped with a new catalog of music. Need a fast, happy tune for your video? Or something slow and dramatic? Whatever the case, you got it.  We’ve made it easier to search for music based on features like Mood, Pace, and Genre, so you can easily find exactly the right track for your video. As always, our background music tracks are pre-licensed and free to use for Wochit users. Moving forward, this catalog will be updated with new tracks every month.

Sound and Volume Control

To make sure your video sounds just right, we’ve added new audio settings on the asset toolbar. The audio presets have been improved and now include the option for even more control with a new Custom audio setting. This new feature will allow you to adjust sound levels manually to set the perfect mix of ambient noise and background music for a specific clip.

Additionally, you can now automatically apply selected sound settings to your entire video. The settings will be applied to all assets on the timeline, or just those added after.

With new custom settings and improved presets, all of your videos will sound amazing – just as you imagined.

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