Wochit update: It’s time for text overlay timing

text overlay timing

Text overlay is a crucial part of social videos now, as it allows viewers to easily digest content regardless of how and where they’re taking it in. It tells your story for viewers watching on mute, reinforces key points for those with the sound on, and generally makes mobile viewing a simpler experience. Now, we’ve rolled out a brand new feature that gives videomakers even greater control over their text overlay.

This new tool is all about timing, offering the ability to:

  • Easily add text overlays to any asset
  • Control the timing of each piece of text overlay
  • Add up to 8 text overlays per asset

We pride ourselves on making Wochit’s video creation tools simple, intuitive, and powerful. With this new level of control over text overlay and timing, we believe creators using our platform can continue making the absolute best of online video.

Check out this video breakdown of how the new feature works, then put it to use in your next piece:

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