New on Wochit: Euro 2016 Infographics

euro 16 infographic

Euro 2016 is in full swing, and our suite of infographics are proving to be some of the most popular content on Wochit. With these graphics, you can tackle the ongoing excitement of Euro 2016 for your audience.

The latest scores, statistics, and schedules are right at your fingertips. Graphics of upcoming matches and the day’s scores are updated daily; and stats will be updated after each match.

See the infographics in action in this clip from HLN that recaps the match between Belgium and the Republic of Ireland:

These assets are listed under a new media source simply called “Euro 2016 Infographics.” Select this source, then search for “Euro 2016,” group name, or country name. And with the graphics available in English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, and Swedish you’ll be ready to connect with your audience in their native tongue.

We hope you like the new infographics. Enjoy the games!

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