Wochit announces video rendering speed now doubled

Rendering speed is often considered a strategic capability in the video creation process. Market demand for timely video storytelling makes it more critical than ever to render video quickly – to convert raw video materials, graphic overlays, and effects into one coherent video file and publish it on time for smooth playback with everything in place, including effects, layers, and audio. 

The challenge of speedy rendering 

Achieving this goal can be challenging. 

Daphna Tsachor, Chief Product Officer at Wochit, explains, “For those working with an offline system, once the render button is clicked, the wait can often last as much as 30 minutes. Moreover, because all the computing resources are being used for rendering, users often cannot do anything else until the process has completed.”

To complicate matters even more, with a traditional video creation system, if users want to double the rendering speed, they will need to double their machine’s processing power. Resulting in tremendous costs for a new GPU and double the RAM – multiply all this by the number of people on the team who would need access to faster rendering. Clearly, the hardware costs involved can be very high.

Dror Ginzberg, Co-Founder & CEO at Wochit, notes, “If any of our clients needed to upgrade their hardware for an on-premise rendering solution, they would have to pay thousands of dollars for each workstation. But with Wochit, they can achieve unprecedented performance at no additional cost.”

Creators can avoid all these additional costs and lost productivity with a modernized, cloud-based video creation platform. However, even when working with a cloud-based video creation tool, waiting on rendering to complete isn’t always an option. For example, media publishers must release a breaking story to address subscriber needs in near real-time and stay ahead of the competition.

Regardless of what business the user is in – whether an enterprise, a franchise, or other – everything today happens online, and online means real-time.

Wochit accelerates

At Wochit, we understand these rendering needs and the challenges involved. We have been listening to our clients and have noted that accelerating rendering time is a strategic component of video communications success.

That is why we put a lot of engineering and development efforts into addressing this critical need. And we are proud to share the exciting news that Wochit now enables users to render videos at up to twice as fast as ever before.

Dror adds, “Wochit is determined to regularly invest back into our product and technology to support the evolving needs of all of our creators. We constantly invest in product and technological advancements that enable a seamless workflow, fuel creativity, and innovate on ways to communicate with video.”

As always, with Wochit – anyone in the organization, even with no video editing skills, can create beautiful, on-brand videos through our intuitive web-based interface. Once the video materials have been aggregated, the core video data is sent for rendering in the Wochit cloud, which means that users can immediately move on to creating their next video. 

And with the improved processing power now available from Wochit, users can enjoy the benefits of video rendering faster than real-time and up to twice as fast as before. For use cases where large batches of automated videos are required, such as data driven or personalized videos in a campaign, higher production speed means faster turnaround time.

Rendering in half the time means more time to create and be creative. It also means a dramatic improvement in the flow of creation, enabling creators to stay focused on their storytelling.

Ran Yakir, Chief Technology Officer at Wochit, adds, “Users can get a preview of the video as it is being produced. For videos at 4K resolution, rendering is now faster than real-time and for other non-4K video, rendering time is even faster, typically at 20 seconds per one minute of video, depending on the size of the video files and the elements that they include.”

Unmatched scale

Moreover, Wochit enables every video creator to scale their video creation without impacting performance, even during the busiest time of day or year. 

Ronen Perez, VP Research & Development at Wochit, shares, “To illustrate, the rendering power we now offer: When Wochit clients from the East Coast of the United States, Europe, and Asia all send video data to be rendered at the same time, and even if this happens on New Year’s Eve when many videos are being created simultaneously – none of that will slow any of them down.”

We have developed the ability to scale up to support any number of users anywhere in the world with the same uncompromising speed.

Daphna sums it up by adding, “For high performance that can’t be matched and video rendering that’s faster than real-time, Wochit is here for you and all those spectacular videos that you’re ready to create, and your audiences are eager to watch.”

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