WHO Magazine Remembers Whitney Houston

WHO Magazine is Australia’s leading celebrity magazine. Earlier this year, they began using Wochit for their video creation needs and they’re regularly sharing multiple videos a day. Our platform helps them bring all the celebrity news their audience wants in engaging videos. Last month they put together this lovely tribute to the late, great Whitney Houston on what would have been her 54th birthday.

Check out the video:

The creators have put together an excellent memorial with this video. They not only give us great images and video of Whitney, but they tell us the story of her career as well. As a celebrity-centric publisher, a look at the life of one of the biggest pop stars ever is a natural fit.

The creators make great use of text overlay in telling the story. The black color boxes allow it the text to stand out regardless of the background. The stark white text and font complements WHO’s branding, which is ever-present in the top-right corner.

The text is placed to always allow the visuals to have center-stage. And what great visuals they are! The creators use high-quality assets from throughout Whitney’s career, including some well-known images of the singer.

The short clip of Whitney singing “I Will Always Love You” is really the standout moment of the video. And the jump from stills to video re-captures the attention of viewers. Social posts are placed in the piece with the video and some images being pulled directly from Facebook and Instagram.

Memorials like this prompt a lot of engagement. Viewers are eager to share their own memories relating to Whitney and her music, as you can see in the comments.

This video is a great example of how publishers genuinely pay tribute to beloved icons who have passed, even within the short confines of a social video. And it’s just one in a plethora of great videos from WHO Magazine!

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