Video creativity flourishes at The Yorkshire Post

English daily The Yorkshire Post has embraced a video-first strategy, using Wochit to produce numerous videos for their website and social channels. Creator David Clay noted that “recent updates such as added fonts and enhanced text styling have increased creativity enormously.” The talent and creativity behind their videos shines through in each piece. Take, for example, a recent video all about Yuri Gagarin and space day in Russia.

Check out the video here:

This is an expertly crafted piece that offers an in-depth story typical of print journalism, formatted to social video. The video catches and hold attention with a variety of striking assets and outstanding, eye-catching text-overlay.

From the first few seconds of the video, text is used not just to tell the story, but also to give character and tone to the piece. Having the text pop on-screen one word at a time adds emphasis and a feeling of excitement. The use of bright red lettering make key words stand out and catches eyes.

The overlay is always kept succinct so as to never overwhelm the viewers. And it is always on screen for long enough than none feel rushed in reading it.

The assortment of amazing archival video from the space race is certain to captivate any viewers. Any by moving between many different assets, the audience is being constantly treated to something new (and often breathtaking).

This is just one of many outstanding videos being produced by The Yorkshire Post. It’s an excellent example of how real stories can still be told through social video, with history, context, and depth. We look forward to seeing even more great video journalism from their team!

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