Brilliant Visual Assets are a Win for Morecast’s Wetter.TV

Morecast’s new channel Wetter.TV has turned to the Wochit platform for their video production needs. They’re already crafting expert videos for their Facebook audience to nice results. This beautiful video about World Sea Day is a great example.

Check it out:

Talk about lush, gorgeous visuals! This video is all-around tuned perfectly for social success, from subject to assets to production.

News and entertainment are the two big topic categories often seen in social videos, but educational content is also quite popular. Here, the creators offer insight and information in an accessible, entertaining format that appeals both to their existing audience and to a broader swath of viewers on social.

The stunning visual assets and animal footage really make this video pop. Moving images full of rich, vibrant colors and tropical locales will catch the eye and keep the attention of most anyone. Motion is naturally more eye-catching than still assets, and can make the difference in someone stopping to watch a video that autoplays in their feed.

The production of this piece is also just right for social. The square format is the most effective on Facebook, and is steadily increasing in popularity.

With a runtime of 53 seconds, this piece falls right in the 30-second to 60-second sweet spot for social success.

The creators also tell the story with text, allowing viewers in any situation to enjoy the piece. The overlay is kept succinct and is positioned to allow the visuals to take center stage.

You’ll also notice the small logo branding the video in the upright corner. This helps attract new audience members to a page and create a sense of familiarity.

We look forward to seeing even more excellent videos from Wetter.TV!


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