Welcoming Mondadori and their first #WochitWin

For this week’s highlight video, we welcome Gruppo Mondadori to the Wochit family! Their outlet Pianeta Mamma (Planet Mommy) scored a #WochitWin with this video chronicling the nine months leading up to a child’s birth. It currently has 1.9 million views, nearly 10,000 reactions, hundreds of comments, and over 23,000 shares!

Enjoy the piece below:

It’s easy to see why this piece has been such a smash on social. Its creators have embraced best practices and crafted a unique, touching piece.

The square format is the best choice for Facebook. It displays well on any kind of device and its full-sized preview makes it stand-out visually in feeds. This video also wraps up at just around 1 minute, the sweetspot for social videos.

This clips makes good use of a variety of assets, including videos, still images, and graphics. By moving between different types of visuals, the video maintains a steady pace and never lingers long enough on any single asset to lose a viewer’s interest.

Like almost all effective social videos, here we see expert use of text overlay. Color boxes make the text pop out regardless of the background, and the text itself is large enough to be read easily, even on mobile screens. The creators are also sure to never overwhelm viewers with big blocks of text, instead keeping things short and concise.

Of course, the subject here is a great one for social. A growing baby and a mother’s love is naturally heartwarming. Positive emotional resonance is a powerful feat on social. It prompts engagement, especially those crucial shares. Viewers are motivated to bring content to their own network of friends and relations when it pulls on their heartstrings because they want to share that experience and discuss it.

This is a truly excellent social video, and it’s not surprising in the least that it has performed so well. We look forward to all the great videos sure to come from our new partner, Gruppo Mondadori!

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