TrendWatching gets creative with text

TrendWatching is a leading global trends firm focused on emerging consumer trends. With this expertise, it comes as no surprise that they’re pursuing a social video strategy with Wochit! They recently began using our platform and they are already showing a creative, social-minded approach to video.

Check out this piece about a very unique pet product:

This video hits all the best practices for social effectiveness. It’s short, coming in at under one minute. And its square format is ideal for social, displaying larger in feeds and easily reusable across different networks.

The creators tell the story here with text – a must when so much social traffic is on-the-go. But they also do an especially creative and outstanding job of putting text to use.

Color boxes are used to make sure words stand out on any background. And keywords are highlighted to draw attention.

The text is creatively animated too. At points, text comes on screen on word at a time, for effect and emphasis. They also utilize emojis in the video, something that is not often seen but shows the keen attention TrendWatching pays to consumer communications and tastes.

Of course, the subject itself is a great one for social. It involves animals (ever loved on social) as well as a unique product that viewers can find some humor in.

Finally, they put their end-video CTA to great use, directing viewers to follow them on multiple social platforms. This is all-around an original, creative social video. No doubt we’ll see many more creative pieces from TrendWatching in the future!

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