The Bump creates gorgeous social videos

The Bump is parenting and pregnancy resource from the creators of The Knot and The Nest. They offer expert advice, lifestyle content, and some stunning, Wochit-made videos on their social channels. We were pleased to recently bring them into the fold with Wochit. Their videos are gorgeous, social-friendly, and speak directly to their target audience.

Check out this heartwarming piece:

It’s difficult to overstate just how good this video looks. The visual assets are of the highest quality. Imagery like that really pops out in cluttered, messy social feeds and it keeps viewers engaged. The creators also utilize a nice mix of still and moving assets to hold attention.

Text overlay is also utilized expertly here. It contextualizes the imagery and leads viewers through the video’s list, but never takes away from the visuals at center-stage.

You’ll notice that the overlay is designed to match The Bump’s branding. That’s an easy and effective way to make your videos more identifiable and on-brand. There is also an ever-present logo in the bottom right corner of the video. It does not intrude upon the viewing experience at all, but it does work to help build brand familiarity with viewers.

This piece is timed just right for Facebook, clocking in at just under 1 minute. It also works without sound, making it friendly to viewers regardless of how or where they might be watching.

Of course, the topical format this video takes is one of the best for social: a list. Both in written and video form, listicles are ever-popular on social media. They create clear audience expectations and understanding – there’s no mystery about what a piece of content is focused on. That understanding makes viewers likelier to invest their time, because they know the subject at hand is one of interest to them.

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