Weekly Wochit: Slate France has a winning approach

Slate France pursues an aggressive, successful social video strategy. Their videos have a consistent approach that is identifiable for viewers and they share new videos all the time. You can see just how well they’ve honed the craft in this piece about why some people are always late. With 1.3 million views, 16,000 comments and nearly 5,500 shares, it’s a big social win.

Check out the piece below:

The visual assets chosen for this clip are exceptional. Slate France’s creators have found high-quality, well-lit, and beautifully-framed. Great visuals don’t just make for a better looking video, they also keep viewers watching. And they foster an association of quality with the products of an outlet.

The text-overlay in this piece is done extremely well. It’s kept large and in all capital letters, making it easy for viewers to read, even on a small screen. By moving text blocks around the screen, viewers’ eyes are prompted to move around the frame, which helps keep them engaged with the video. And they are sure to never have too much text on-screen at once.

The text-overlay is also almost a branding element for Slate France. Many of their videos consistently utilizes overlay in this same style, which includes a still frame with big, eye-catching overlay imposed to grab attention in busy feed. This consistency makes their videos identifiable to their audience. Having that instant familiarity can help drive views and engagement over time.

As all the best social videos these days, the clip works entirely without sound. The information and story of the video is conveyed and told through overlay, allowing viewers who are watching from anywhere, anyway to enjoy it fully. For those with the sound on, a nice backing track plays.

And, of course, the creators at Slate France know to keep it short. This clip sits at just about 1 minute, the sweet spot of social video length on Facebook. With such a consistent, expert approach to social video, it’s no wonder Slate France is finding success.

We’ll see you here next week for another great Wochit-made video!

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