RTL Next shows their mastery of social video

RTL Next is a subsidiary of the RTL Group, one of the leading European entertainment networks, encompassing numerous brands, TV networks, local stations, and online outlets. RTL Next focuses on bringing unique video stories to their German audience. We’re thrilled they’re using Wochit to do it! Already their craft is well-honed, as you can see in today’s featured video.

Check out the great video below:

The story here is already a great one for social. Animals make for popular content on social, and when combined with the provocative description (“This Animal Has Been Chained for Years”) it is made doubly intriguing to potential viewers.

The story isn’t the only element tailored to catch attention. The creators use a lot of video assets, which naturally draw the eye. The video is mixed in well with stills to keep balance and pace. And the assets are exceptional here. The footage of the elephant is good quality, varied, and involves unique situations.

Text-overlay tells the story, allowing the video to work on more. The creators use color to highlight key phrases and words, making them stand out to viewers.

By utilizing overlay, the video works on more for viewers in any situation. But a nice backing track and some natural audio are present for viewers who have the volume up.

This piece is a little longer than the usual Facebook video, coming in at about a minute and a half. The additional length allows for a more in-depth look at the story, making for a more fully-formed experienced for the audience. But it is still short enough to work on social and not lose viewers to abbreviated attention spans. The smart production choices mentioned above help allow this piece to succeed even while pushing the recommended length for Facebook.

All-around, this video is an excellent, captivating piece. We look forward to more awesome content from RTL Next and other RTL brands!

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