Prevention has no anxiety over social video

Health and lifestyle magazine Prevention has a robust social video strategy. They tackle a variety of subjects relevant to their followers, providing the insight info they’re known for through a regular rotation of videos. This Wochit-made piece looks at foods that can cause anxiety is a great example of the publisher’s approach to social video. It’s short, snappy, and focused. Clearly Prevention knows how to tap into the interests of their audience, because response to this clip has been excellent. Over 200,000 views, 2,000 reactions, and – in that most coveted engagement form – nearly 2,000 shares.

Take a look at the video:

Short and sweet! At an even 30 seconds, this social video is in the ideal range for Facebook videos. Viewers are given a piece of content they can consume quickly and wholly, before being pulled away by the distraction of their feed.

Prevention utilizes great assets in this piece. The old cartoon clip that opens the video reels viewers in because it’s an atypical visual these days. The movement of the “camera” in this asset also starts the video off with a real feeling of momentum.

The soundtrack assists here, for viewers with the sound on. It’s driving, frenetic energy sets a quick pace and also invokes a sense of anxiety, which the video is dealing with explicitly.

The creators stick with moving images throughout this piece, which also assists in giving the entire clip a sense of forward motion. Video is a great choice here since they are keeping on-screen text to a minimum. Since they are simply running down the direct list of foods the title frames, pairing the names with video keeps the viewer visually engaged.

Finally, Prevention wraps up with a great CTA. It targets not just viewers generally interested in their content, but offers a resource for anyone who is specifically interested in the subject of this video. For publishers looking to drive traffic to their own websites, CTAs in social videos are a great way to do it.

This video is finely tuned for Facebook, as the viewing and engagement numbers affirm. Prevention’s social video creators continue pushing out excellent pieces, check them out. And join us next week for another great video!

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