Weekly Wochit: Nothing draws engagement like baby animals

Animals are always a popular subject in social videos, even moreso  when they are babies. A recent video from CBS News shows just how strong that interest is. This Wochit-made video currently has 69 million views, nearly half a million reactions, over 150,000 comments, and a truly staggering 870,000 shares! Engagement on this level is something most video producers on social only dream of – even big names.

Check out these precious pandas and let’s consider what made this video such a hit:

A very straightforward, short (just about 1 minute) social video! The key to its success lies in the subject, assets, and presentation.

The subject is something destined to be a hit with viewers on social. Baby animals are something everyone loves. People want to see cute little pandas and enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling it gives them. This video is all about tapping into positive emotions. Those good feelings drive a lot of engagement activity, and have clearly done so here.

The visual assets in play here are truly excellent. CBS sourced high-quality footage of the little guys napping and romping around. It’s unique footage – how often does anyone see 23 baby pandas in one place? The promise alone draws viewers in and the pay off rewards their curiosity.

Finally, the overall presentation in the video is direct and engaging. Unobtrusive text overlay tells the story of how the 23 baby pandas ended up in one place and provides some context to the footage. For the second half of the video, the creators give the footage a lot of room to breathe, so viewers can enjoy the animals.

This simple, polished social video does it right at every turn. And with over 870,000 shares, it’s safe to say CBS is enjoying the fruits of their labor!

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