Observador Gets Branding Just Right

Portuguese digital newspaper Observador is focused on bringing the best news content to their audience every day. They recently chose Wochit to help them expand and develop their video strategy. Already, they’ve developed standout branding and slick video skills, all on display in this piece about a bus gone wild.

Check out this crazy video:

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: that is insane footage! It’s amazing that man walked away (and that there’s video of it.)

Raw, amazing footage like this is great for social video. The video itself is so shocking, people want to engage and share. And with pure video, the need for editing is kept to a minimum.

Here, the creators of Observador take full advantage of the original video, while leaving their own strong branding mark.

A crisp blue frame sits around the video, the color matching Observador’s logo. The same blue is utilized to highlight key phrases in the text-wrapping, drawing the viewer’s attention.

That consistent branding helps create familiarity and recognition with their social content. Audiences will start to recognize their content and become loyal viewers.

The creators hit all the best practices for Facebook with this piece. The square aspect ratio is the best for the platform, using text-overlay means the piece can be enjoyed even on the go, and the video is nice and short.

Observador knows how to craft a excellent social video, and there’s no doubt audiences are being drawn in. We look forward to even more great Wochit-made content from their creative team!

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