Men’s Health gets its shares from vegan foods

Men’s Health is regularly creating social videos that tap directly into their audience. From workouts to recipes and more, the publisher knows what content their followers want. A recent look at muscle-building vegan foods was tied to Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris, couching the listicle video in the trending conversation around the Olympics. With nearly 3,000 shares and a quarter of a million views, this Wochit-made video activated their social following.

Let’s check it out:

As mentioned above, this clip contextualizes itself in reference to Olympian Kendrick Farris. This connection to a trending topic makes the video feel more immediately relevant for viewers, making it part of their Olympic conversation. We’ve mentioned it in recent weeks and it remains true here – crafting a video looking at or associated with a major conversation on social is a smart way to engage viewers.

This video also offers information of value to the Men’s Health audience in one of the internet’s most beloved formats: the list. More than just a rundown of the seven foods, this piece also offers up examples of how to use the 7 muscle-building foods presented. While the distinction may seem slight, audiences want and respond positively to content that gives them info or advice they can use. Everyone likes to be entertained but they also like to be informed!

From a technical perspective, this is an ace social video. The visual assets chosen are colorful and eye-catching. The video keeps a steady pace, jumping from food to food, and balancing stills with moving-images effectively. This piece is longer than your average social video, clocking in at 1 minute, 45 seconds, but not a moment of it is wasted. An upbeat, driving soundtrack creates a playful atmosphere for viewer who have their sound turned on.

This video is just one in a long line of social successes for Men’s Health. As a publisher, they are very tuned into their audience’s interests and desires. Tapping into those directly pays off, as you can see by their engagement numbers here!

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