WHO Magazine looks back at Sex and the City

WHO Magazine is an Australia’s #1 celebrity magazine, dishing on all the latest news of the stars. They recently began creating social video content with Wochit, and it’s already looking great. This piece looking back at tv hit Sex and the City has 75,000 views, hundreds of reactions and shares, and a lively comments section.

If you were a fan of the show, this clip is sure to bring back some memories:

The first smart social move you’ll notice is the format, square. As you’ve seen here regularly, and almost certainly in your own feeds as well, the square format is ever-more popular on social, especially Facebook. It’s no wonder why, the format previews at full-size, making it naturally eye-catching and dominant in otherwise cluttered social feeds, whether mobile or desktop.

This video is also brief, just around 1 minute. That’s the sweet spot for Facebook where viewers are likeliest to watch all the way to the end.

Mobile-friendly is the name of the game here, as well. The creators use simple text overlay to contextualize and drive the video, with no need for voiceover. They keep it straightforward, running through a list of faces accompanied by character names.

Given that viewers are here to see how the actors have aged, there’s no need to overstuff the piece with extraneous info or overlay. Viewers are told what to expect with the first frame and the rest of the video delivers!

The subject is a great one for social, for WHO’s audience. Sex and the City was such a huge hit, and folks love revisiting their old favorites. Nostalgia with a celebrity tie-in draws on some emotional threads for viewers, prompting them to comment and share.

WHO Magazine have crafted a striking social video here. We look forward to even more of their Wochit-made content to come!

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

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