An iPhone 7 for us, 10 million views for CBS

Hot new technology always generates a ton of buzz on social, and perhaps nothing drives as much interest as a new iPhone. Legacy broadcaster and news publishing giant CBS recently shared a social video all about the iPhone 7 last week. And the response has been otherworldly! This Wochit-produced clip is currently sitting at 9.2 million views, 130,000 shares, 22,000 comments, and over 70,000 reactions. In honor of its amazing success – and the iPhone’s launch today – we want to break down this high-performing social video.

Check out the video, which breaks down seven lauded features of the new device:

This is really a classic in terms of social video. It features all the major hallmarks for success: brevity, quick pacing, high-quality assets, a proven format (a list), a focus on a trending subject, and it is optimized for any viewing scenario.

We’ve taken the opportunity to highlight the benefit of creating social videos around trending topics recently, a point that is reinforced here. When something is a key conversation piece on social, entering into that conversation can help you reach a broader audience. You just have to be sure you’re offering something original, not simply rehashing every other video out there.

CBS News finds that originality in crafting its coverage into one of the most-beloved forms of content online (be it video or text): a list. Straightforward and informative, this piece runs through the critical details of the new iPhone rapidly. Viewers know what to expect when they hit “play” on a video like this:  a quick rundown that gives them the major highlights they need to feel informed.

Entertainment and information are the two components of social video that viewers are looking for, either separately or in tandem. Here, the focus is pure information, backed by captivating, relevant assets. When your subject is something viewers really want to know about, hitting them directly with the information they want can be just as strong a strategy as playing to their humor or heartstrings.

We’ll see you next week for another exceptional video made with Wochit!

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