Weekly Wochit: HuffPost Italia finds success in politics

The Italian arm of the Huffington Post, HuffPost Italia, scored a #WochitWin with a look at political scandal in Italy. The piece has 1.1 million views, nearly 7,000 reactions, over 500 comments, and more than 17,000 shares. It’s easy to see why their viewers reacted to the political, playful piece.

Check out the video below:


HuffoPost Italia’s creators stick to classic social video production tactics here, and it pays off. This is a well-crafted, engaging, social-focused piece.

This piece is a crisp 44 seconds, falling in that perfect (for now) Facebook video length. It also moves quickly between assets, keeping up the pace.

Situating the only moving video asset in the center of the piece assures a renewed moment of interest for any viewers who might be starting to tune out.

All of the assets are high-quality, as well. They present immediately identifiable Italian politicians alongside some of their…interesting quotes. Identifiable personalities capture and hold the attention of viewers.

This brings us around to the video’s subject, which is a perfect take for social. Scandal and politics always make a splash on social. Everyone has an opinion and there seems to be natural human fascination with scandal.

This heightened interest and related opinions prompt increased engagement. Viewers want to add their two cents through comments or prompt conversation in their own networks through sharing. You can see both results in full force here.

This piece also sticks to the best practice of making social videos friendly for viewers with the sound off. The context and quotes are all provided via prominent text overlay. The use of varying color helps the text pop out, catching the eye. Of course, there is a fun, rocking background song for viewer who have the sound turned on.

All-around, the creators have forged an excellent social video and have been rewarded with engagement results to match.

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