The Habits of Happy Couples

We’re highlighting a great new piece from Women’s Health this week!

Followers of Women’s Health will be familiar with this style of video, as it is built on a winning formula the publisher has struck upon. Essentially, they’ve created a video-listicle, combining two of the most popular forms of online content into successful social videos. Here they highlight some of the habits of happy couples. Let’s take a look:

This video is all about emotion, and viewers have responded in kind, with thousands of shares and millions of views. Strong emotional response is the most important part of driving engagement on social, and positive feelings work best. From the uplifting music to the back-to-back clips of smiling, affectionate couples, it would be hard for anyone to not feel uplifted by this piece.

Aside from the great content, this video is perfectly crafted for social. The bright yellow text overlay stands out and is large enough to be readable even on a mobile device. The text is also kept brief, so viewers aren’t struggling to keep up. And by jumping to new footage with each of the 10 habits, the pace is steady and engrossing.

On all points, this social video is a real winner. We’ll see you next week for a close look at another excellent video made using Wochit!

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